Handmade large wand toy with real chicken feathers - no more hand scratches

No more hand scratches!
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Large wand toy with real chicken feathers.

Choose this toy for adult cats.

Material: natural jute twine (hemp rope), untreated wooden stick, real chicken feathers (colours may vary).


Large wand toy made with real chicken feathers, fluffy stem and wood. Perfect for playing up close with Your cat/kitten with no risk of getting scratched or bitten. This toy is softer and gentler than the all natural version, which makes it ideal for smaller or younger cats. 

Made with sustainably sourced feathers that drop naturally during moulting period from fowl kept as house pets. Hand-picked and then frozen to ensure they are free from all pathogens. Cleaned and combed manually without the use of soaps or other detergents to preserve the natural bird scent to really get Your cat's hunter instincts going. 

Please note that these toys are handmade and feathers or wooden stick might break during vigorous playtime.

Please inspect the toy upon delivery if it's safe to use.
This toy is NOT a chew toy.
Do not leave Your cat unattended with this toy.
Please check before each playtime.
When not used, please put the toy away.
This toy is designed for human supervised play sessions.