Wiggly Willy: The Fluffy-Headed, Wiggly-Tailed Cat Toy That Will Keep Your Feline Entertained

Wiggly Willy is a handmade, interactive cat toy that will have your feline friend wiggling with excitement! With a fluffy head and a wiggly silicone tail, this toy is perfect for stimulating your cat's natural hunting instincts.
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This toy will fit FRENZY & DA BIRD type wand teasers

Please note that, like all handmade products, Wiggly Willy may break during vigorous playtime. This is a sign that your cat really enjoyed the toy and that it provided a lot of entertainment! The silicone tail may break if it is stretched too much, and the silicone may become brittle with age. However, these are normal wear and tear issues and should not discourage you from purchasing this toy.

Made with non-toxic silicone, Wiggly Willy is safe for your cat to play with, but it is not a chew toy. As with all play sessions, it's important to supervise your cat to ensure their safety. If ingested, the silicone in the toy may cause irritation, so be sure to put Wiggly Willy away after playtime.

With its unique design and interactive features, Wiggly Willy is sure to become your cat's new favourite toy. Order now and watch as your cat pounces and plays with this irresistible toy.

A refill for a wand toy is a replacement toy that can be attached to the end of a wand toy handle.

These refills are a convenient way for cat owners to extend the life of their wand toys and provide their cats with a variety of different play options. 

Please inspect the toy upon delivery if it's safe to use.
This toy is NOT a chew toy.
Do not leave Your cat unattended with this toy.
Please check before each playtime.
When not used, please put the toy away.
This toy is designed for human supervised play sessions.


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